2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)

2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)

USD $3.99 Matthew Rosenberg [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

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About the 2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)

The eruption of a violent robot revolution threatens all manner of biological life! Teetering on the precipice of extinction, there's only one man with enough tactical skill, killer instinct and ruthless leadership to lead the rebellion: War Machine! Join War Machine and his elite paramilitary squad (U.S.Agent, Mockingbird, and Quake) in the final crusade for humanity's fate! Rated T+

Faq's on 2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)

The price of "2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" at 4 Color Fantasies is USD $3.99.

"2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" is associated with the Marvel Heroes brand.

The publisher of "2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" is Superheroes.

"2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" is Juanan Ramirez. The cover artist is Carlos Gomez.

The writer of "2020 Force Works #1 (Of 3)" is Matthew Rosenberg.