Gamma Flight Graphic Novel

Gamma Flight Graphic Novel

USD $15.99 Al Ewing [Writer] Published by-Marvel Comics

About the Gamma Flight Graphic Novel

Go on the run with the outlaws of Gamma Flight in this action-packed addition to the IMMORTAL HULK mythos! They had one job: Find and stop the Hulk. But when push came to smash, Gamma Flight sided with the green goliath - and now the human world intends to make them regret it. Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr. Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones are fugitives from every known authority - but a team this full of gamma energy is bound to break before long. Especially when they learn who's after them! And don't miss the shocking revelations about Rick Jones, the Marvel Universe's most beloved sidekick! You've been calling for them since IMMORTAL HULK's early days - well, True Believer, we're about to deliver! Collecting GAMMA FLIGHT #1-5. Rated T+

Faq's on Gamma Flight Graphic Novel

The price of "Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" at 4 Color Fantasies is USD $15.99.

"Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" is associated with the Incredible Hulk, and Marvel Heroes brands.

The publisher of "Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" is Marvel Comics.

The genre of "Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" is Superheroes.

"Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" is Lan Medina. The cover artist is Lan Medina, and Leinil Francis Yu.

The writer of "Gamma Flight Graphic Novel" is Al Ewing.