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Archie's Pals 'N' Gals #20 F

USD $ 10.00

"The Big Story"; Reggie makes fun of Archie's reporting skills on the school newspaper, so Archie makes Reggie a reporter and gives him an assignment that will lead to unpleasant consequences. Archie Annual ad. "Too Much Help," pencils by Dan DeCarlo; Betty and Veronica want to meet a new boy, but all their attempts at flirting get sidetracked by their friends being "helpful." Archie Club News. "By Hook or Crook"; Jughead wanders into the Choklit Shop during a robbery. "Odor Wise," pencils by Bill Vigoda; Archie has a talent for identifying the brand of perfume the girls are wearing; Betty and Veronica try to see if he can follow them if they spray perfume every so often. "Positive Thinking!"; Reggie decides to practice the power of positive thinking. "Sleeping Booty"; Mr. Bunsenburner and Mr. Weatherbee think Jughead has been bitten by a tse tse fly and has contracted sleeping sickness. "Gift-Rapped"; Jughead is supposed to deliver a bottle of perfume as a birthday present for Miss Grundy, but the package gets switched with one containing explosives. "Horn of Plenty," pencils by Dan DeCarlo; Archie and Reggie are trying out for Prof. Flutesnoot's band and have been taking oboe lessons. 68 pgs., full color.