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Magic the Gathering: Innistrad Crimson Vow Collector Booster Pack

USD $ 15.00

Collector Boosters for Innistrad: Crimson Vow will always have a combination of five rares and/or mythic rares, two of which will be traditional foil. In addition to the two traditional foil rares and/or mythic rares, there are eight additional traditional foil cards and a traditional foil double-faced token.
Non-foil extended-art Commander rare or mythic rare – This slot features each of the 32 new rares and 6 new mythic rares from either the Commander decks or the Set Boosters. Each rare shows up twice as often in this slot as each mythic rare. The card you find here is in an extended-art frame that shows off more of the standard card's artwork. For instance, you could get Strefan, Maurer Progenitor in an extended-art version.

Non-foil extended-art rare or mythic rare from Innistrad: Crimson Vow – For any rare or mythic rare from Innistrad: Crimson Vow that isn't getting a showcase or borderless treatment, we wanted to make sure that there was a special version available, and we accomplish that by giving those 40 rares and 12 mythic rares an extended-art version. Both of these extended-art cards and the Commander slot above are treatments that can only be found in the Collector Booster. As a note, being part of the Dracula series didn't exclude a card from getting an extended-art version with the Innistrad: Crimson Vow art. There are cards that are available in both an extended-art version and a Dracula series version.

Non-foil showcase or borderless rare or mythic rare – This slot features a Booster Fun card in every Collector Booster. You always get a rare or mythic rare that is a card with the showcase fang treatment, a showcase eternal night legend, a borderless dual land, a borderless planeswalker card, or a Dracula series card. Of note, if you don't receive a Dracula series rare or mythic rare card in this slot, then you will instead get a Dracula uncommon in the Dracula uncommon or showcase common/uncommon slot instead.

Traditional foil showcase fang card treatment, showcase eternal night legend, borderless dual land, borderless planeswalker, Dracula series card, or extended-art rare or mythic rare from Innistrad: Crimson Vow – The last card in your pack is always one to look forward to! This slot features a traditional foil card every time and gives you a Booster Fun treatment to sink your teeth into. These cards feature all the amazing styles I've been showing off today and are your best opportunity to get a traditional foil version of a Booster Fun treatment that you have been looking for. Of note, the traditional foil Dracula series cards that you find here are the same as the seventeen traditional foils that you can get in your Box Topper booster. Also, the extended-art rares and mythic rares that are available in traditional foil are the same subset of cards that come from the main set. There aren't any traditional foil extended-art Commander or Set Booster Commander rares or mythic rares in this slot.