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0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3

0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3

USD $9.99

Unseen dangers creep ever closer to Moolchi. Jong-e suspects Kanghee is the threat, but can't tell Moolchi the truth about his situation or who he really is. She challenges Kanghee, but discovers that the parasitic presence inside Moolchi's girlfriend is much more than she bargained for. The mysterious creature inside of Kanghee manipulates Moolchi's love for her to deadly advantage in the lethal game between itself and Jong-e. Who sent the creature after Moolchi? More importantly, who will survive? The answer won't be known before the powerful student Narutbae makes his play. Meanwhile, seriously injured and restrained in a hospital far from Korea, a father dreams of returning home...

0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3

FAQs on 0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3

How much does "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" cost at Austin Books & Comics?

The price of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" at Austin Books & Comics is USD $9.99.

Who is the publisher of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3"?

The publisher of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" is Netcomics.

What category does "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" fall under?

"0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" falls under the category of Manga.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3"?

The artist of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" is Youjung Lee.

Who is the writer of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3"?

The writer of "0/6 (Zero/Six) Volume. 3" is Youjung Lee.