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Batman #121 Daniel Johnston Exclusive Portfolio -- Joker Purple

USD $ 39.99

This "Joker" Purple Portfolio Edition includes a full set of three comics with covers by Daniel Johnston. It is Limited to 500 total production and exclusive to Austin Books! Portfolio is GF Smith Colorway 130 lb FSC Certified. The portfolio is a pre-production image. Final product may vary slightly in appearance.

Included are three versions of Batman #121 available nowhere else, with different covers by the late singer, song-writer, and visual artist. Collected inside are a Batman cover, a Superman Cover, and a New Gods cover. These three images were selected by the artist's representative, Electric Lady Studios, approved by the Daniel Johnston Estate, and published by DC for Austin Books in conjunction with The Contemporary Austin's retrospective Daniel Johnston: I Live My Broken Dreams, which is on view at The Contemporary Austin in Texas through March 20, 2022.


Contents of all three books are the same. Only the covers differ.

Solicitation Copy:

DC Comics

(W) Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl (A) Jorge Molina, Karl Kerschl (CA) Daniel Johnston

The deadly conclusion to the "Abyss" arc as Lex Luthor’s dangerous master plan for Batman Inc. is revealed. And an old ally returns to pull the lost Batman out of Abyss’s darkness and a new member of Batman Inc. rises! In the final chapter of "They Make Great Pets," Maps finds the missing piece to the shocking and deadly mystery...with a little help from Batman!

Available to preorder now. Will ship starting 3/1/2022, 40pgs


About Daniel Johnston and this project:

Daniel Johnston’s art and music have featured globally in films, commercials, museums, and galleries, but it’s in Austin, Texas where he has become most ingrained in local culture. It is, after all, the city where in 1985 he excitedly shoved himself in front of MTV’s cameras to gain a national audience and where today his drawings and music displaying heroic victory and quiet heartache are proudly on display at the downtown art museum, The Contemporary Austin.

The exhibition’s curator, Robin K. Williams, noticed a letter Johnston had written in the 1990s or 2000s addressed to his friend Marie Javins, now Editor-in-Chief at DC, requesting her help getting his artwork into comics. “I thought the letter was strange and touching,” says Williams, “because he was already an internationally successful musician when he wrote it. When I asked Marie about it, she said, ‘Daniel had two loves, music and art, and always wanted to be a comic book artist.’ This gave her the beautiful idea to finally make this happen through his favorite comic shop.”