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Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)

Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)

USD $6.00

As the crew of the Uhumelé heads for what they hope will be a big payday, Bomo Greenbark learns the reasons why pilot Crys Taanzer hates not just the Republic and the Empire, but even the Jedi. Events during the Clone Wars forced her to make a decision that she has lived to regret. And, though she cannot know it, her decision has had ramifications for Jedi Master K'Kruhk, as well. But the real danger still lies ahead, as betrayal is piled upon betrayal. In the dark times, putting your trust in anyone, it seems, means putting your life on the line!

Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)

FAQs on Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)

How much does "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" cost at Austin Books & Comics?

The price of "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" at Austin Books & Comics is USD $6.00.

What brand is "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" associated with?

"Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" is associated with the Star Wars brand.

What is the genre of "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)"?

The genre of "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" fall under?

"Star Wars Dark Times #7 (2006)" falls under the category of Comics.