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Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)

Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)

USD $30.00

JOHN OSTRANDER (W), JAN DUURSEMA (P), DAN PARSONS (I), BRAD ANDERSON (C), and ADAM HUGHES (Cover) A man struggles with a dilemma: to claim his rightful heritage and save the galaxy, he will have to turn his back on his only kin and abandon them to a dark fate. Elsewhere, a long-kept secret gnaws at a ruthless bounty hunter. Revealing it could mean certain death for him and his companions, but ignoring it just might drive him mad. An unpredictable third installment in the series that reveals the never-before-seen future of the Star Wars universe! A galaxy of intrigue and danger, romance and adventure awaits! ? This is the future of Star Wars, the continuation of the story that started in the original trilogy, and none of it has been seen before.

Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)

FAQs on Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)

How much does "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" cost at Austin Books & Comics?

The price of "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" at Austin Books & Comics is USD $30.00.

What brand is "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" associated with?

"Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" is associated with the Star Wars brand.

What is the genre of "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)"?

The genre of "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" is Science Fiction.

What category does "Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" fall under?

"Star Wars Legacy #3 (2006)" falls under the category of Comics.