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USD $34.99

Alibi is a murder mystery game inspired by dinner parties with a crime theme, designed for players aged 14 and above. The game begins by choosing one of the following scenarios:

Murder on the Nile, a vacation on the river that ends in tragedy;
A Dish to Die For, the last "poisonous" episode of a cooking program;
Blood on the Tartan, in the villa of a Scottish gentleman inspired by a Sherlock Holmes story.
All five players are suspects, and through clues and discussions, they must reconstruct the events while concealing or revealing the secrets of the story.

In Alibi, it is important to carefully follow the order of card decks. If there are six (or more) players, the Detective (or investigation team) comes into play. With only four players, one innocent suspect deck will be removed from the game.

No one knows who the killer is — not even the guilty party — until the final phase of the game, which begins with the Revelation when each player learns their guilt or innocence from their own deck of cards. At this point, all players provide their reconstruction of the events before the voting. Will the killer manage to direct the suspicions of other players towards an innocent person to win the game?

Three mysteries to experience firsthand in an innovative blend of board game and role-playing game.

Ages 14+
4-7 players
60 minute play time


FAQs on Alibi

How much does "Alibi" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Alibi" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $34.99.

What is the genre of "Alibi"?

The genre of "Alibi" is Mystery.

What category does "Alibi" fall under?

"Alibi" falls under the category of Games.