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Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)

Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)

USD $99.99

In BANG!, you take on the role of the Sheriff and his Deputies, Outlaws, or Renegade and begin the hunt, plotting in secret, gaining the favor or disadvantage of numerous characters and facing various circumstances in this famous elimination game.

Hitting your shots, dodging those of your opponents, gaining or losing life points will be more thrilling and engaging than ever with the BANG! Dynamite Box, which offers limitless gaming experience. The Box contains all expansions and some pieces for true collectors: a dynamite stick for an explosive gameplay variant, 34 wooden bullets, 9 extra cards, and 8 premium game boards, in addition to all the components of the base game and expansions.

1 Stick of Dynamite
34 Wooden Bullets
8 Premium Dual-layer Boards
30 Gold Nuggets
32 Load Tokens
14 station tiles
Cards from:
‣ Dodge City
‣ Gold Rush
‣ Wild West Show
‣ The Valley of Shadows
‣ High Noon
‣ A Fistful of Cards
‣ Armed & Dangerous
‣ The Great Train Robbery

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-8
Game Length: 20-40 minutes

Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)

FAQs on Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)

How much does "Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $99.99.

What is the genre of "Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)"?

The genre of "Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)" is Tabletop Gaming.

What category does "Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)" fall under?

"Bang!: Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)" falls under the category of Games.