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Catan - Starfarers Duel

Catan - Starfarers Duel

USD $34.99

A thrilling 1v1 space adventure for two players!

You and your rival Starfarer brave the unknowns of space as you vie for the approval of the Galactic Council. Beware of merciless pirates as you found colonies, build trade relations, and fulfill the Council's missions. Make quick and clever upgrades to your ship and hone your astute strategy to outfly your opponent.

A modern and thoughtful reboot of the 2001 Klaus Teuber classic: Starship Catan.


2 Starships
1 Sector board
18 Modules
12 Boosters
12 Cannons
32 Astro tokens
4 Colony ships
4 Trade ships
17 Mission cards
64 Sector cards
2 Starting colony cards
5 Objective cards
2 Special point cards
2 Dice
1 Training missions book
1 Rules book
1 Overview sheet
3 Small storage boxes

Catan - Starfarers Duel

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FAQs on Catan - Starfarers Duel

How much does "Catan - Starfarers Duel" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Catan - Starfarers Duel" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $34.99.

What brand is "Catan - Starfarers Duel" associated with?

"Catan - Starfarers Duel" is associated with the Settlers of Catan brand.

What is the genre of "Catan - Starfarers Duel"?

The genre of "Catan - Starfarers Duel" is Tabletop Gaming.

What category does "Catan - Starfarers Duel" fall under?

"Catan - Starfarers Duel" falls under the category of Games.