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Cerebus High Society Audio Digital Experience DVD

USD $ 39.99

(W/A) Dave Sim (CA) Dave Sim, Gerhard. It's Cerebus brought to life (again) by creator Dave Sim! Sim's masterwork Cerebus ran for 300 issues. Starting with issue #25, Cerebus got a taste of High Society, a storyline that concluded with issue #50, and which critics and readers alike recognize as the point at which Cerebus became a vehicle for political commentary. This DVD set contains the entire DIGITAL AUDIO/VISUAL EXPERIENCE of High Society presented in multi-media format, with Dave Sim reading every issue in character... including music and sound effects. Along with each issue's presentation is a section of full Editorial Comments, also read and 'performed' by Sim. Originally brought to life through the magic of Kickstarter, the HIGH SOCIETY DIGITAL AUDIO/VISUAL EXPERIENCE is ready for the Cerebus fan in your life.

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