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Looney Tunes Mayhem

Looney Tunes Mayhem

USD $60.00

In Looney Tunes Mayhem, 2 to 4 players sit in the director’s chair as two teams of the wackiest Toons face off in this tag-team rumble. Only by using the best strategy and everything ACME has to offer can one team be the last one on screen when the smoke clears.

Players will move their Toons through iconic locations from the cartoons in the pursuit of Victory Points (VP), using their special skills to try to knock each other out and trying to avoid the other team’s tricks and traps across the board.

Looney Tunes Mayhem

FAQs on Looney Tunes Mayhem

How much does "Looney Tunes Mayhem" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Looney Tunes Mayhem" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $60.00.

What brand is "Looney Tunes Mayhem" associated with?

"Looney Tunes Mayhem" is associated with the Looney Tunes brand.

What is the genre of "Looney Tunes Mayhem"?

The genre of "Looney Tunes Mayhem" is Tabletop Gaming.

What category does "Looney Tunes Mayhem" fall under?

"Looney Tunes Mayhem" falls under the category of Games.