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Monster Fluxx

Monster Fluxx

USD $20.00

Let the monster mash begin! Classic monster movies and TV shows are the theme in this basic Fluxx deck. Despite the prominent monster presence, this deck is Creeper-free. Designed to introduce new players to the Fluxx system, it has just the four main card types and comes in a 2-part style box. Perfect for Halloween parties!

Monster Fluxx

FAQs on Monster Fluxx

How much does "Monster Fluxx" cost at Beyond Comics - Frederick?

The price of "Monster Fluxx" at Beyond Comics - Frederick is USD $20.00.

What brand is "Monster Fluxx" associated with?

"Monster Fluxx" is associated with the Fluxx brand.

Who is the publisher of "Monster Fluxx"?

The publisher of "Monster Fluxx" is Looney Labs.

What are the genres of "Monster Fluxx"?

The genres of "Monster Fluxx" are Gaming, Horror, and Tabletop Gaming.

What category does "Monster Fluxx" fall under?

"Monster Fluxx" falls under the category of Games.