DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)

DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)

EUR €28.99 Published by-McFarlane Toys

About the DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)

Dick Grayson has made a name for himself over the years, and on more than one occasion. The original Robin to Bruce Wayne's Batman, Grayson later graduated to the role of Nightwing. After his identity was publicly exposed, he traded in his costume to become a superspy for the covert organization Spyral. Throughout his valiant life, Grayson has proven himself to be one of the most resilient and brilliant crime fighters in the world and a natural leader. His charisma is as potent as his combat skills, acrobatic flair, and deductive gifts. He is a hero's hero who maintains an infectiously positive outlook despite facing much tragedy in his life.

- Incredibly detailed 7" scale figure based on the DC MULTIVERSE
- Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
- NIGHTWING as featured in Batman: Knightfall
- Accessories include 4 extra hands and display base
- Includes collectible art card with character art on the front, and character biography on the back

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The price of "DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)" at Big Bang Comics is EUR €28.99.

"DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)" is associated with the Batman, DC Universe, and Nightwing brands.

The publisher of "DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)" is McFarlane Toys.

The genre of "DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)" is Superheroes.

"DC Multiverse Nightwing (Batman: Knightfall)" falls under the category of Action Figures & Statues.