1001 Islands

1001 Islands

USD $29.99

As children of Sinbad, you have set yourselves a new challenge to explore the 1001 islands and find the treasures of your father, the great sailor.

1001 Islands is a tile-drafting game in which you score points by matching your dream tiles and your island tiles as best as possible. A game takes 16 rounds, with each player adding one tile to their personal board to build their island or collect dream tiles, then players tally their points.

1001 Islands

FAQs on 1001 Islands

How much does "1001 Islands" cost at Big Bang Toys Comics Games?

The price of "1001 Islands" at Big Bang Toys Comics Games is USD $29.99.

Who is the publisher of "1001 Islands"?

The publisher of "1001 Islands" is Asmodee.

What category does "1001 Islands" fall under?

"1001 Islands" falls under the category of Games.