Advent Dice Calendar

Advent Dice Calendar

USD $49.99

About the Advent Dice Calendar

Product Description:

Tis the season to roll with Santa! This advent calendar includes, 1 exclusive set of Inclusion Dice (Holiday Themed), 2 full sets of assorted dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and D20, 1 exclusive mini dice set, 1 exclusive metal D20, a FanRoll Dice Bag to carry your loot. Over $80 value in dice!

Dice pictured are from the 2022 Advent Calendar, new dice will be featured in this (the 2023) edition.

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Faq's on Advent Dice Calendar

The price of "Advent Dice Calendar" at Big Bang Toys Comics Games is USD $49.99.

The genre of "Advent Dice Calendar" is Roleplay.

"Advent Dice Calendar" falls under the category of Dice.