Gudetama Squishie

Gudetama Squishie

USD $11.99

Gudetama is a lazy egg, and popular YouTube Japanese cartoon from Sanrio, who isn’t a big fan of doing anything at all. This Gudetama Squishy is a round, super soft and satisfying to squish (go on, Gudetama doesn't care) lazy egg plush that features Gudetama emerging out of a cracked open broken shell with a grey embroidered crack running through its top half. Plush material is surface washable and suitable for ages eight and up.

Gudetama Squishie

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FAQs on Gudetama Squishie

How much does "Gudetama Squishie" cost at Big Bang Toys Comics Games?

The price of "Gudetama Squishie" at Big Bang Toys Comics Games is USD $11.99.

What category does "Gudetama Squishie" fall under?

"Gudetama Squishie" falls under the category of Plushies.