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Conquest W'ardhun Starter

Conquest W'ardhun Starter

USD $149.99

This is the perfect set to be table ready for W’adrhŭn. Makes a great gift for any gamer! A true warband to start your W’adrhŭn play - 24 Blooded/Braves figures, 1 Predator figure, 24 Slingers/Hunters figures, 1 Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Rulebook, All Assembly Guides, a path of Conquest W’adrhŭn guide, and a preview of First Blood 2.0 with $10 coupon for the print copy.

Conquest W'ardhun Starter

FAQs on Conquest W'ardhun Starter

How much does "Conquest W'ardhun Starter" cost at Champion Comics and Coffee?

The price of "Conquest W'ardhun Starter" at Champion Comics and Coffee is USD $149.99.

Who is the publisher of "Conquest W'ardhun Starter"?

The publisher of "Conquest W'ardhun Starter" is Para Bellum Games.

What category does "Conquest W'ardhun Starter" fall under?

"Conquest W'ardhun Starter" falls under the category of Miniature Gaming.