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  • The Gryphon
The Gryphon

The Gryphon

USD $ 6.50

The creature awoke with a massive headache. Its mouth was as dry as a desert and it’s limbs screamed with agony as it moved. Dazed, it could barely make out anything in the room because it was so dark. It didn’t know where it was or how it had gotten there. Everything was hazy as if awaking from a long slumber. The creature is told that he is a gryphon by the man who discovered him, Dr. Yorik Hempshine, and names him Achilles. He is kept in a lab for testing by the doctor and meets many people, including a young lab assistant named Hilary. Eventually Hilary discovers that Achilles existence is more than what Dr. Hempshine has told her and vows to rescue the gryphon.

The Gryphon

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How much does "The Gryphon " cost at ?

The price of "The Gryphon " at is USD $6.50.

What category does "The Gryphon " fall under?

"The Gryphon " falls under the category of Self Published.