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  • The Neuros: Spark
The Neuros: Spark

The Neuros: Spark

USD $ 6.00

Like in the show Heroes and the comic X-Men, The Neuros can be anybody. A Neuro has Latent mental ability that usually manifests as telekinetic or visual, that awakens with an unknown trigger. Some can be born Neuros, making their abilities far more accessible. It is unknown how many Neuros exist, as literally any human can be one. This is the beginning.

The Neuros: Spark

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How much does "The Neuros: Spark" cost at ?

The price of "The Neuros: Spark" at is USD $6.00.

What category does "The Neuros: Spark" fall under?

"The Neuros: Spark" falls under the category of Self Published.