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Comic Emporium is Panama City, Florida's premiere source for comics, games and collectibles. Our enormous selection includes all the hottest new comic titles. We have over 15,000 back issues for .99 cents each and used books are only 1.99. We carry all the latest fan gear including posters, statues and toys and special orders are always No Problem! Our Pull & Hold subscription service allows you to earn up to 10% off all your comic purchases and guarantees you'll never miss an issue! Visit Board Game Boulevard for all the hottest tabletops or the Library Arcanum to get your Roleplay on! Take a plunge in our World Famous Barrel o' Dice or pick up a pack of your favorite Collectible Card Game! We even give you a place to play! Your group can reserve space in one of our fantastic themed gaming areas: The Grinning Imp Tavern or the CE Game Cave! Bring your friends or come make some new ones at Comic Emporium.