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#33 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex "Gundam Ibo" Hg Ibo 1/144

#33 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex "Gundam Ibo" Hg Ibo 1/144

USD $ 20.99

A ferocious repaired form of Gundam Barbatos lupus that has been created as a result of the intense damage from fighting the mobile armor hashmal. Its massive arms that reflect its pilot's feral nature of combat have been recreated along with Razor tipped claws on the hands and animal's tail weapon that can extend from the back with the use of a wire. Also includes forearm compartments that open and close to reveal sub-arms for grasping additional weapons from the various ibo MS option sets. The largest mace for Barbatos has been included and includes retracting gimmick to store on rear skirt armor. Runner x5, sticker, instruction manual.

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