Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)

Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)

USD $4.99 Ryan Lindsay [Writer] Published by-Mad Cave Studios

About the Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)

Stop the presses! With Bucky in a bad position, Dan, his sub-editor, picks up the story threads as he tries to discover the true rot deep within Sheltered Cove. What the pair find is beyond politics and money. The trouble brewing is centuries old, horrific, and very thirsty for blood. Deer Editor is perfect for fans of Blacksad and Chinatown.

Faq's on Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)

The price of "Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" at Comickaze Comics is USD $4.99.

The publisher of "Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" is Mad Cave Studios.

The genres of "Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" are Anthropomorphic, and Crime.

"Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" is Sami Kivelä. The cover artist is Sami Kivelä.

The writer of "Deer Editor #2 (Of 3)" is Ryan Lindsay.