Love Report Graphic Novel

Love Report Graphic Novel

USD $12.99 Beka [Writer] Published by-Hippo Park

About the Love Report Graphic Novel

BFFs Grace and Lola try to unravel the mystery of romance with a plan to observe, study, and analyze the ways of love at their middle school in the first book in this addictive graphic novel series.BFFs Grace and Lola talk about everything related to romance—and have lots of questions: What about the mysterious allure of the popular girl at school? And the rebellious goth with the reputation? And boys. They don’t quite understand what makes some school romances soar to legendary heights, while other flirtations fizzle. Lola has an idea—they’ll observe, study, and analyze all the couples at their Junior High—and compile their findings as The Love Report. Surprises await them, and force them to learn to see beyond appearances in this fast-paced series opener. They’ll also discover secrets between themselves.

Faq's on Love Report Graphic Novel

The price of "Love Report Graphic Novel" at Comickaze Comics is USD $12.99.

The publisher of "Love Report Graphic Novel" is Hippo Park.

The genres of "Love Report Graphic Novel" are Kids, and Reality Based.

"Love Report Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Love Report Graphic Novel" is Maya.

The writer of "Love Report Graphic Novel" is Beka.