Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover

Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover

USD $14.99 Agata Loth-Ignaciuk [Writer] Published by-Oni Press Inc.

About the Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover

Meet Mika-a young explorer who faces familiar-yet-not-fully-known objects and obstacles around her house. Today's newest challenge? The 'gurgler' that spins, spews, whirrs, beeps, and even swallows things whole! With the help of her friends, Mika is able to rescue her frog from the malicious machine and learn that not everything is as scary as it may seem. Perfect for the youngest comic readers, Mika and the Gurgler is sweet, simple, and charmingly playful!

Faq's on Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover

The price of "Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" at Comickaze Comics is USD $14.99.

The publisher of "Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" is Oni Press Inc..

The genre of "Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" is Kids.

"Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" is Berenika Kolomycka. The cover artist is Berenika Kolomycka.

The writer of "Mika & The Gurgler Hardcover" is Agata Loth-Ignaciuk.