007 #1 Cover C Laming

007 #1 Cover C Laming

USD $2.00
USD $3.99

OO7 is back in action! After a high-stakes rescue mission is mysteriously, violently sabotaged, Bond's future at MI6 hangs in the balance. As he awaits his fate, James Bond is urgently contacted by an old flame and mentor: Gwendolyn Gann, formerly Agent OO3, who warns Bond of an existential threat to England and the global balance of power. But before they can meet, OO3 turns up dead, sending Bond on the most personal mission of his career: find Gwendolyn Gann's killers, and expose the shadowy organization known only as 'Myrmidon.'

007 #1 Cover C Laming

FAQs on 007 #1 Cover C Laming

How much does "007 #1 Cover C Laming" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "007 #1 Cover C Laming" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $2.00.

What brand is "007 #1 Cover C Laming" associated with?

"007 #1 Cover C Laming" is associated with the James Bond brand.

Who is the publisher of "007 #1 Cover C Laming"?

The publisher of "007 #1 Cover C Laming" is Dynamite Entertainment.

What is the genre of "007 #1 Cover C Laming"?

The genre of "007 #1 Cover C Laming" is Action Adventure.

What category does "007 #1 Cover C Laming" fall under?

"007 #1 Cover C Laming" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "007 #1 Cover C Laming"?

The artist of "007 #1 Cover C Laming" is Marco Finnegan. The cover artist is Marc Laming.

Who is the writer of "007 #1 Cover C Laming"?

The writer of "007 #1 Cover C Laming" is Phillip Kennedy Johnson.