A1 #6

A1 #6

USD $2.00
USD $3.99

(W) David Elliott, W.H. Rauf (A) Garrie Gastonny & Various (CA) Various. The last issue of the first series of the new A1 draws to a close, but it won't be the end for these characters. Carpe Diem: When an endless horde of volcanic monsters march to destroy everything humanity holds dear, not even the CARPEDIEM agents can stop it. Odyssey: Blazing Glory's showdown with Sharky in Zuccotti Park raises questions in the White House and President Obama is forced to make a decision that will come back to haunt him. Weirding Willows: There is a werewolf loose in the house of Dr. Moreau and she may be too much for even Frankenstein's Monster to handle.

A1 #6

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FAQs on A1 #6

How much does "A1 #6" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "A1 #6" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $2.00.

Who is the publisher of "A1 #6"?

The publisher of "A1 #6" is Titan Publishing.

What is the genre of "A1 #6"?

The genre of "A1 #6" is Anthology.

What category does "A1 #6" fall under?

"A1 #6" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "A1 #6"?

The artist of "A1 #6" is Garrie Gastonny.

Who is the writer of "A1 #6"?

The writer of "A1 #6" is David Elliott.