Action Comics #875 (1938)

Action Comics #875 (1938)

USD $3.00 Greg Rucka [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Action Comics #875 (1938)

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Eddy Barrows & Ruy José
Cover by Eddy Barrows & Julio Ferreira
To give the full details of this story would spoil the dramatic finale of the "New Krypton" crossover, and we don't want to do that! Suffice to say, a "World Without Superman" is a very dangerous place, indeed, and the only thing standing between the good (and not so good) folks of Earth and an impending shadow of doom are the all-new Nightwing and Flamebird!

Faq's on Action Comics #875 (1938)

The price of "Action Comics #875 (1938)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

"Action Comics #875 (1938)" is associated with the Superman brand.

The publisher of "Action Comics #875 (1938)" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Action Comics #875 (1938)" is Superheroes.

"Action Comics #875 (1938)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artists of "Action Comics #875 (1938)" are Eddy Barrows, and Ruy Jose.

The writer of "Action Comics #875 (1938)" is Greg Rucka.