Action Comics #966 (1938)

Action Comics #966 (1938)

USD $3.00

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert (CA) Clay Mann. BACK IN THE PLANET part two! As the Daily Planets star returns to work, so does Lex Luthor. Meanwhile, Superman continues to investigate the devastation in the aftermath of the Doomsday attack.

Action Comics #966 (1938)

FAQs on Action Comics #966 (1938)

How much does "Action Comics #966 (1938)" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "Action Comics #966 (1938)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

What brand is "Action Comics #966 (1938)" associated with?

"Action Comics #966 (1938)" is associated with the Superman brand.

Who is the publisher of "Action Comics #966 (1938)"?

The publisher of "Action Comics #966 (1938)" is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "Action Comics #966 (1938)"?

The genre of "Action Comics #966 (1938)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Action Comics #966 (1938)" fall under?

"Action Comics #966 (1938)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Action Comics #966 (1938)"?

The artist of "Action Comics #966 (1938)" is Stephen Segovia. The cover artist is Clay Mann.

Who is the writer of "Action Comics #966 (1938)"?

The writer of "Action Comics #966 (1938)" is Dan Jurgens.