Action Comics #972 (1938)

Action Comics #972 (1938)

USD $3.00 Dan Jurgens [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Action Comics #972 (1938)

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert (CA) Art Thibert. MEN OF STEEL conclusion! Supermans found a way to save Lex Luthors life, but it may cost the Man of Tomorrow his own future. RATED T

Faq's on Action Comics #972 (1938)

The price of "Action Comics #972 (1938)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

"Action Comics #972 (1938)" is associated with the Superman brand.

The publisher of "Action Comics #972 (1938)" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Action Comics #972 (1938)" is Superheroes.

"Action Comics #972 (1938)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Action Comics #972 (1938)" is Stephen Segovia. The cover artist is Art Thibert.

The writer of "Action Comics #972 (1938)" is Dan Jurgens.