Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)

Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)

USD $4.99

GANG WAR CONTINUES! The Beetle has stepped up in her father's absence, and she's become a very different Janice Lincoln. She's smart, dangerous and ready to take the big chair. With Spider-Man and others distracted by Kingpin, she just might do it.

Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)

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FAQs on Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)

How much does "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $4.99.

Who is the publisher of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)"?

The publisher of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" is Marvel Comics.

What category does "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" fall under?

"Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)"?

The artist of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" is John Romita Jr.. The cover artist is John Romita Jr..

Who is the writer of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)"?

The writer of "Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Gang War)" is Zeb Wells.