Azrael #10

Azrael #10

USD $3.00 David Hine [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Azrael #10

Written by DAVID HINE Art by jeremy haun Cover by guillem march New writer David Hine (ARKHAM REBORN, DETECTIVE COMICS) makes his AZRAEL debut in part 1 of the 4-part The Killer of Saints! Members of religious cults are being murdered in grotesque reenactments of the martyrdom of Christian saints. Each victim holds part of a centuries-old secret that, once revealed, will alter the course of human history.

Faq's on Azrael #10

The price of "Azrael #10" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

"Azrael #10" is associated with the Batman brand.

The publisher of "Azrael #10" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Azrael #10" is Superheroes.

"Azrael #10" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Azrael #10" is Jeremy Haun. The cover artist is Guillem March.

The writer of "Azrael #10" is David Hine.