Batman #30 (2016)

Batman #30 (2016)

USD $3.00

'THE BALLAD OF KITE MAN' part two! In our second 'War of Jokes and Riddles' interlude, it's the making of a super-villain! He's been pushed by Batman to snitch on The Joker, and cajoled by The Joker to betray Batman-now, the flunky who would be Kite Man finally snaps. He's lost everything, and a life of crime is the only way to go.

Batman #30 (2016)

FAQs on Batman #30 (2016)

How much does "Batman #30 (2016)" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "Batman #30 (2016)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

What brand is "Batman #30 (2016)" associated with?

"Batman #30 (2016)" is associated with the Batman brand.

Who is the publisher of "Batman #30 (2016)"?

The publisher of "Batman #30 (2016)" is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "Batman #30 (2016)"?

The genre of "Batman #30 (2016)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Batman #30 (2016)" fall under?

"Batman #30 (2016)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Batman #30 (2016)"?

The artist of "Batman #30 (2016)" is Clay Mann. The cover artist is Mikel Janin.

Who is the writer of "Batman #30 (2016)"?

The writer of "Batman #30 (2016)" is Tom King.