Brightest Day #20

Brightest Day #20

USD $3.00 Goeff Johns [Writer] Peter J. Tomasi [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

About the Brightest Day #20

Written by GEOFF JOHNS & PETER J. TOMASI Art by IVAN REIS, PATRICK GLEASON, ARDIAN SYAF, SCOTT CLARK & JOE PRADO Covers by DAVID FINCH & SCOTT WILLIAMS 1:10 Variant covers by IVAN REIS The BRIGHTEST DAYS are numbered as this best-selling series heads toward its shocking conclusion, and fans won't want to miss a single page of the action! 'Aquawar' breaks out with Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and a surprise guest star facing off against the terrorist forces of Black Manta and Siren to keep the vast wa

Faq's on Brightest Day #20

The price of "Brightest Day #20" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $3.00.

"Brightest Day #20" is associated with the DC Universe brand.

The publisher of "Brightest Day #20" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Brightest Day #20" is Superheroes.

"Brightest Day #20" falls under the category of Comics.

The writers of "Brightest Day #20" are Goeff Johns, and Peter J. Tomasi.