• Green Arrow #12 (2016)
Green Arrow #12 (2016)

Green Arrow #12 (2016)

USD $ 3.00

(W) Ben Percy (A) Otto Schmidt (CA) W. Scott Forbes. EMERALD OUTLAW part one! A major new storyline begins as Green Arrow returns to Seattle for a brand-new mission: reclaim the life hes lost. But with Oliver Queen presumed dead, his fortune obliterated, his sister Emiko missing and Seattles police turning against him, death proves a bigger challenge than life for Green Arrow!

Green Arrow #12 (2016)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" cost at ?

The price of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" at is USD $3.00.

What brand is "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" associated with?

"Green Arrow #12 (2016)" is associated with the Green Arrow brand.

Who is the publisher of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)"?

The publisher of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" is DC Entertainment.

What is the genre of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)"?

The genre of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" is Superheroes.

What category does "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" fall under?

"Green Arrow #12 (2016)" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)"?

The artist of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" is Otto Schmidt. The cover artist is W. Scott Forbes.</span>

Who is the writer of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)"?

The writer of "Green Arrow #12 (2016)" is Ben Percy.