Jingle Belle Homemades Tale

Jingle Belle Homemades Tale

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We all know that Santa arrives on Christmas Eve bearing bright, shiny new toys for happy kids everywhere. But what happens to the humble homespun holiday gifts often passed over in the rush-the grandmother-made sock animals, or the paste and cardboard unicorns given from little sisters to older brothers? Quite often they wind up shoved aside, ignored or tossed in the trash with the wrapping paper-until the night after Christmas, when they are rescued and magically brought to life by the mysterious Queen of Toys. A strange being both kindly and vengeful, the Queen is amassing an army of abandoned toys, 'The Homemades,' for the sole purpose of vanquishing the Kringle family and seizing the holiday season for herself. Only Jingle Belle and an odd assortment of her friends stand a chance of foiling the Queen's plans. But first, Jingle must unravel the mystery behind the Queen's origins, and confront a heartbreaking secret from a Christmas long past. Santa Claus's rebellious teenage daughter Jingle Belle returns in a brand new story filled with humor, heart, and holiday magic. Creator Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Dark Knight, Zatanna) is back!

Jingle Belle Homemades Tale

FAQs on Jingle Belle Homemades Tale

How much does "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" cost at Comics Conspiracy?

The price of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $2.50.

Who is the publisher of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale"?

The publisher of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" is IDW Publishing.

What is the genre of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale"?

The genre of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" is Humor.

What category does "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" fall under?

"Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale"?

The artist of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" is Nicoletta Baldari. The cover artist is Stephanie Buscema.

Who is the writer of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale"?

The writer of "Jingle Belle Homemades Tale" is Paul Dini.