Ladycastle Graphic Novel

Ladycastle Graphic Novel

USD $7.50
USD $14.99
Ashley A. Woods [Writer] Published by-Boom! Studios

About the Ladycastle Graphic Novel

When all the men in Mancastle get eaten by a dragon, the women take over! Now the blacksmith's wife Merinor is King, Princess Aeve is the Captain, and the only remaining (and least capable) knight Sir Riddick is tasked with teaching the ladies of the castle how to defend against all manner of monsters! Novelist Delilah S. Dawson (Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon, As Wicked as She Wants, Wake of Vultures) brings her first original series to comics, and is joined by breakthrough illustrators Ashley A. Woods (Niobe: She Is Life) and Becca Farrow for a rollicking fantasy adventure featuring women reclaiming their lives on their terms. Collects the complete limited series.

Faq's on Ladycastle Graphic Novel

The price of "Ladycastle Graphic Novel" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $7.50.

The publisher of "Ladycastle Graphic Novel" is Boom! Studios.

The genre of "Ladycastle Graphic Novel" is Fantasy.

"Ladycastle Graphic Novel" falls under the category of Graphic Novels.

The artist of "Ladycastle Graphic Novel" is Becca Farrow. The cover artist is Ashley A. Woods.

The writer of "Ladycastle Graphic Novel" is Ashley A. Woods.