Mad Magazine #38

Mad Magazine #38

USD $5.99 The Usual Gang Of Idiots [Writer] Published by-DC Entertainment

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About the Mad Magazine #38

Tired of your regular humorous hangs? Hook up to some classic hilarity with MAD issue 38! We've raided the archive closets and folded together another fresh collection of classic movie and TV parodies, favorites like Spy Vs. Spy, MAD Look at... by Sergio Aragon.s, plus much more from the Usual Gang of Idiots. And speaking of laundry chores, clean up with another new Fold-In by Johnny Sampson. Hopefully, the moths won't eat this up before you can pick up a copy or two.

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Faq's on Mad Magazine #38

The price of "Mad Magazine #38" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $5.99.

The publisher of "Mad Magazine #38" is DC Entertainment.

The genre of "Mad Magazine #38" is Humor.

"Mad Magazine #38" falls under the category of Magazines.

The artist of "Mad Magazine #38" is The Usual Gang Of Idiots. The cover artist is An Idiot With A Paintbrush.

The writer of "Mad Magazine #38" is The Usual Gang Of Idiots.