Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)

Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)

USD $2.00
USD $3.99
Tim Fuller [Writer] Published by-Source Point Press

About the Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)

Heart-stopping tales of international intrigue get riffed. Join the adventures of broken-down, has-been CIA spook Chuck Upton as he gets a second chance. Left for dead during a failed black ops mission, his body was completely reconstructed using alien technology. By day he poses as a mild mannered NATO envoy, traveling the world ironing out tricky diplomatic conflicts. But when diplomacy fails, he dons his preposterous costume and outlandish titanium helmet and solves those conflicts with extreme violence as The Pacemaker. The stress usually triggers a heart attack mid-fight, as his alien technology usually fails him, but he blows up lots of things in the process.

Faq's on Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)

The price of "Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" at Comics Conspiracy is USD $2.00.

The publisher of "Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" is Source Point Press.

The genre of "Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" is Humor.

"Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" is Pat Boyette.

The writer of "Sham Comics Pacemaker (Mature)" is Tim Fuller.