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Teen Titans Go Graphic Novel Volume 4 Smells Like Teen Spirit

USD $ 12.99

The popular all-ages comic book series based on the hit Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! is back with more crime-fighting adventures and more pizza in TEEN TITANS GO! VOL. 4: SMELLS LIKE TEEN TITANS SPIRIT! Gear up for the highly anticipated animated movie, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies! Before you catch them in theaters, join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they get up to their usual antics and shenanigans in TEEN TITANS GO! VOL. 4: SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. The Teen Titans need to bust into the Justice League secret hide-out spot to save the world greatest superheroes from a malfunctioning security system that is holding them hostage. Just another average day for the Teen Titans!