Cosmic Comics Slave: The Depths Trade Paperback
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Slave: The Depths Trade Paperback

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“I keep watching myself kill my best friend. I had no choice. What does El have to say about forgiveness?”
– Balibray
After escaping the arena at the cost of his friend’s life, former gladiator Balibray finds himself adrift as
destiny conspires to lead him to an ancient city beneath the waves, to the court of an ancient goddess,
and to find a forgotten king.
As mysterious bargains are struck, services rendered, and birthrights reclaimed, Balibray will look deep
into his own soul and find himself…lacking.
As he battles monsters, slavers, and unbearable memories, he will question his past, his present, and his
Winning his freedom was just the beginning…
‘Slave: the Depths’ is 86 pages of high fantasy action, set in a world of swords and sorcery.
By Greg Boucher and Aleksandar Bozic