3001 The Final Odyssey

3001 The Final Odyssey

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About the 3001 The Final Odyssey

A Main Selection of the Science Fiction Book Club®Selected by the Literary Guild® and Doubleday Book Club®“3001 is not just a page-turner, plugged in to the great icons of HAL and the monoliths, but a book of wisdom too, pithy and provocative.”—New ScientistThe body of Frank Poole, lost for a thousand years since the computer HAL caused his death en route to Jupiter, is retrieved, revived—and enhanced. In the most eagerly awaited sequel of all time, the terrifying truth of the Monoliths’ mission is a mystery only Poole can resolve.Praise for 3001 The Final Odyssey“A one man literary Big Bang, Clarke has originated his own vast and teeming futuristic universe.”—Sunday Times“Well-paced and absorbing . . . It is as a flight of fancy by the master of science fiction that 3001 makes its mark.”—The Times“In his exciting new novel, Clarke reveals the ominous answer about the ultimate purpose of the monoliths.”—Daily Telegraph“Serene, uplifting, and icy clear.”—Mail on Sunday“From the moment I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. 3001 The Final Odyssey is a tour de force that finally answers the questions that sparked the imaginations of an entire generation.”—Buzz Aldrin

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