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Alex Ross Avengers Assemble Fine Art Sculpture

USD $ 650.00

Cast in heavyweight polystone and hand-painted, the piece captures, in sculpted form, eight of the 'primal Avengers' in Alex Ross's unique style: Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Wasp. With input from Alex, Factory Entertainment's designers spent many hours studying the original painting to ensure that they captured its artistry when translating the 2D artwork to a fully sculpted form. The company then selected a master sculptor to effectively render Alex's vision as a sculptural fine art piece. The piece measures 18' wide and stands 9' high tall and 8' deep. Impressive and impactful, this sculpture will take its rightful place at the centerpiece of any Marvel collection. A strictly limited edition, each 'Assemble' fine art sculpture is individually numbered. Also included is a high quality farmable lithographic print of the original artwork, hand-signed by Alex Ross!