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Aquaman Giant #3

USD $ 4.99

This issue includes these new stories:

* "Tempest," a 16-page story written by Steve Orlando with art by V Ken Marion and Sandu Florea
Aquaman and Tempest race to stop an enraged monster that has escaped its magical tomb under the city of New York.

* "Screaming Sea," an 8-page story written by Tom Taylor with art by Pop Mhan
Aquaman and Mera must stop Lex Luthor's plans to drill into the ocean floor.

Plus, these reprint tales:
* "Throne of Atlantis Chapter 2," from Aquaman #15 (2013)
* "The Enemy of My Enemy," from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #3 (2017)
* "Blood of the Manta Chapter 1 from Teen Titans #9 (2018)