Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami

Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami

USD $4.99 Cullen Bunn [Writer] Published by-Boom! Studios

About the Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami

Lucas and Harmony encounter another story, another group of ghosts who need help, and a realization that will change their relationship moving forward. And in another spectral story, shocking details about Shane's nature materialize…

Faq's on Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami

The price of "Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami" at Downtown Comics on Market Street is USD $4.99.

The publisher of "Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami" is Boom! Studios.

"Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami" falls under the category of Comics.

The artist of "Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami" is Leomacs. The cover artist is Reiko Murakami.

The writer of "Ghostlore #11 Cover A Murakami" is Cullen Bunn.