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Amazing Spider-Man #53

Amazing Spider-Man #53

USD $4.99

SECRET REVEALED - MEET SPIDER-GOBLIN! Following the shocking events of #50, PETER PARKER is a changed man. He's now SPIDER-GOBLIN, the most dangerous superhuman in the world. And his chaos is DEADLY! Meanwhile, who will stop Norman Osborn?!

Amazing Spider-Man #53

FAQs on Amazing Spider-Man #53

How much does "Amazing Spider-Man #53" cost at The Dragons Lair?

The price of "Amazing Spider-Man #53" at The Dragons Lair is USD $4.99.

Who is the publisher of "Amazing Spider-Man #53"?

The publisher of "Amazing Spider-Man #53" is Marvel Comics.

What category does "Amazing Spider-Man #53" fall under?

"Amazing Spider-Man #53" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Amazing Spider-Man #53"?

The artist of "Amazing Spider-Man #53" is Ed McGuinness. The cover artist is Ed McGuinness.

Who is the writer of "Amazing Spider-Man #53"?

The writer of "Amazing Spider-Man #53" is Zeb Wells.