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Captain America #10

Captain America #10

USD $4.99

THE PRICE OF FREEDOM! When a change agent on Captain America's recruitment list finds him, Cap expects the Front Door Cabaret's protection to be an easy sell. Instead, he's confronted by a critical question: How do you protect someone who doesn't want your help? Rated T+

Captain America #10

FAQs on Captain America #10

How much does "Captain America #10" cost at The Dragons Lair?

The price of "Captain America #10" at The Dragons Lair is USD $4.99.

What brand is "Captain America #10" associated with?

"Captain America #10" is associated with the Captain America brand.

Who is the publisher of "Captain America #10"?

The publisher of "Captain America #10" is Marvel Comics.

What category does "Captain America #10" fall under?

"Captain America #10" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Captain America #10"?

The artist of "Captain America #10" is Jesus Saiz. The cover artist is Taurin Clarke.

Who is the writer of "Captain America #10"?

The writer of "Captain America #10" is J. Michael Straczynski.