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Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant

Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant

USD $5.99

THE ULTIMATES RETURN TO GREATNESS! Spinning out of Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli's ULTIMATE UNIVERSE #1, rising stars Deniz Camp (CHILDREN OF THE VAULT, 20th Century Men) and Juan Frigeri (INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) assemble an all-new team of ULTIMATES in a series that kicks off the next chapter of the new Ultimate line. Six months ago, Tony Stark sent Peter Parker a radioactive spider to set him back on the course to become Spider-Man. Since then, Iron Lad (Stark), Captain America, Doom, Thor and Sif have begun to do the same for other lost heroes, building a network of super-powered heroes hungry for change… Now they must band together to destroy the Maker's Council and restore freedom and free will to a world ruled from the shadows!

Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant

FAQs on Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant

How much does "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" cost at The Dragons Lair?

The price of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" at The Dragons Lair is USD $5.99.

What brands are Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant associated with?

"Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" is associated with the Avengers, and Marvel Heroes brands.

Who is the publisher of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant"?

The publisher of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" is Marvel Comics.

What category does "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" fall under?

"Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" falls under the category of Comics.

Who is the artist and cover artist of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant"?

The artist of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" is Juan Frigeri. The cover artist is Ryan Stegman.

Who is the writer of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant"?

The writer of "Ultimates #1 Ryan Stegman Variant" is Deniz Camp.