A Fading Sun

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About the A Fading Sun

In this new paranormal fantasy series, a powerful woman who can see the dead must choose whether to forge a new path for herself and her family…. “The problem with ghosts is that they don’t quite realize that they’re dead.”   Voada Paorach can see the dead. It is a family trait, but one that has had to remain hidden since the Mundoan Empire conquered her people’s land three generations ago. But this ghost isn’t the same as the others she has glimpsed, the lost souls she has helped to find their way to the land beyond life.  This ghost demands that Voada follow a new path, one that will mean leaving behind everything and everyone she has known and loved.   Voada will come to understand the power that her people possess, but she will also learn the steep price that must be paid for such a gift. Fast-moving and intense, A Fading Sun explores grief, sacrifice, ambition, and the forging of personality in the crucible of war.

Faq's on A Fading Sun

The price of "A Fading Sun" at DreamDaze Comics Fun & Games is USD $7.99.

The publisher of "A Fading Sun" is DAW Books.

The genre of "A Fading Sun" is Fantasy.

"A Fading Sun" falls under the category of Paperbacks (Digest).